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The electrocardiogram (ECG) is an analytic device that is routinely used to evaluate the electrical and solid elements of the heart. While it is a generally basic test to play out, the elucidation of the ECG following requires huge measures of preparing. Various course books are given to the subject.

The heart is a two phase electrical siphon and the heart’s electrical movement can be estimated by cathodes set on the skin. The ECG can quantify the rate and beat of the heartbeat, just as give roundabout proof of blood stream to the heart muscle.

An institutionalized framework has been created for the terminal position for a normal ECG. Ten anodes are expected to deliver 12 electrical perspectives on the heart. A cathode lead, or fix, is put on each arm and leg and six are put over the chest divider. The sign got from every cathode are recorded. The printed perspective on these accounts is the ECG.

By correlation, a heart screen requires just three terminal leads – one each on the correct arm, left arm, and left chest. It just estimates the rate and musicality of the heartbeat. This sort of observing does not comprise a total ECG.


You will be asked to lie down. The health care provider will attach small electrodes to certain areas of the chest which will record the electrical signals into wavy lines which are often printed on paper.


  • You will be asked to shave or clip some hair over the chest so that electrodes can stick well
  • Inform the health care provider if you are taking any medication.
  • The test is performed is performed to see if any damage to the heart, how fast your heart is beating.
  • The effects of the drug/ devices used to control the heart such as pacemaker.
  • You should wear comfortable, easily changeable cloths at the day of exam.
  • Do not carry excess cash, wear ornaments.
  • It is advised to come along with a responsible person / relative for the test.

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